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Guide To The Greece Citizenship By Investment Program

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What You Must Know About Greece Citizenship By Investment

Greece is a leading tourist attraction in Europe.

It has unique cuisine, culture, architectural wonders, language and beaches.

Despite the recent global financial crisis, the country’s economy is thriving and its tourism industry, agriculture and service are booming.

Greece citizenship is sought-after as it has the 15th largest economy in the EU and it is the seventh most visited country in Europe.

For this reasons, foreigners are taking advantage of Greece citizenship by investment program to relocate and invest on the country.

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Greek Investment Based Residence

To attract more investors to the country, Greece unveiled its investment based residence program that offer five years renewable visas to foreign nations who invest €250,000 into real estate property that is located in the country.

One of the main reasons why many foreign investors find this program very attractive is because the required amount is lower compared to other Southern Europe countries that have real estate investment programs.

In addition, an investor can purchase properties that amount to €250,000 to meet the required amount.

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Benefits Of The Investment Programs

The Greece programs comes with many benefits, including:

  • Living and working: Residents can only live in Greece, but citizens have the right to work and live in the EU
  • Education: Citizens and residents of Greece have the right to attend schools and Universities within the EU. Citizens have the right to free education.
  • Freedom to travel: Greece residents have the rights to travel freely in 26 Schengen Member states. Citizens can travel to over 160 countries.


How To Apply For Greece Citizenship By Investment

To apply for Greece residence, the foreign applicant needs a valid visa into the country.

Regardless of the type of visa the applicant has used to for entry, the foreign national can apply for real estate investment based residence program.

The application must contain a copy of your passport, three colored photos, and health certificate from the doctor to certify that you don’t have any communicable disease.

The application must also be accompanied by a copy of the contract that proves the purchase of the property that is valued at €250,000. If the property has already been transferred to the foreign investor then the application should contain proof of the transfer.

The foreign investor will be required to submit the application to the country’s Alien and Immigration of the Decentralized Authority.

The investor and family can only receive the residence permit if the agency approves the application. The permit is valid for five years but can be renewed any time the investor wishes to.

If you find this information useful, make sure you check our in depth guide on applying for a second passport in Europe: The Ultimate Guide To European Citizenship. What You Must Know!



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